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Most of us routinely clean carpets (rugs) at home using a vacuum cleaner. This is effective in cleaning the upper parts of the fibres – but it leaves substantial quantities of dirt accumulating deeper in the pile. To remove dirt which has built up over years or even decades, the only truly effective solution is full immersion cleaning. We wash each carpet through its entire cross-section. Water passes through the carpet, entering from the top and exiting the bottom side of the rug, removing every dirt particle, pet urine stains and odour.

Dunk and dry – full immersion carpet cleaning

Your carpet might look clean – you may even have used a visiting cleaning service – but dust can build up deep down in the foundation of the fabric. Worse still, dust attracts dust mites, which can aggravate asthma and other health conditions.
There’s only one way to make sure your carpet is completely clean: full immersion cleaning.

Rug cleaning London

At our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility, we wash rugs thoroughly, fully immersed in water, using the safest detergents. We can extract 50-100 grams of dry dust and dirt per square metre, even from a well-maintained rug. We can also successfully remove pet urine stains and odour. We are experts at cleaning all types of rug & carpet and we specialise in Oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, berber, kilim, flokati, dhurrie, woven, antique, contemporary, wool, silk and shaggy rugs.

After the cleaning phase we rinse the carpets repeatedly with plenty of water, so that absolutely no
detergent residue remains in the carpet, something that on-site cleaning again cannot guarantee.

Carpet cleaning

We are able to remove odours, unlike on-site cleaning that can only mask the odours using scented detergents.

We dry the carpets quickly and perfectly in a controlled environment. With on-site cleaning, this is impossible, and the moist and unventilated parts deep in the carpet provide an ideal environment for mould and fungi to develop. Finally, we’ll deliver them back to you.

Don’t take chances. Choose the professionals – choose RugCleanic.

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How does Carpet Cleaning Work Effectively?

When sending your carpet to the professional carpet cleaning company, you might doubt if how effective can they clean it without leaving traces of scratches and damage to its delicate fibers. Aside from the visible stains, another concern you have is the removal of the odor on the carpet. You are aware that the carpet has a thick surface and its fibers can easily trap dirt, pet urine, and other residues that penetrate on it, leaving it odorous.

A professional carpet cleaning company do a systematic procedure to make sure dust are not only removed but the invisible bacteria as well. No matter you vacuum your carpet day by day, virus and allergens are not still perfectly removed. Some dirt residues can also cause a tear and wear on the fibers which are the common problem that causes a limited lifespan of your precious carpet.

This problem reduces the value of your investment and worst, they can also cause health problems to the household members. A professional rug cleaning can help eliminate visible and invisible stains caused by the busy office, accidental spills, and frequent use of the rugs. Frequent stepping on the rugs may also cause abrasion to its upper surface.

There are times that the carpet may look clean however, they are actually filled with bacteria. Dust may also cause a dull look on the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning is recommended to be done frequently to restore the beauty of its designs and colors back to stunning effect. Carpet cleaners only use safe and gentle dust remover and cleaning solution that match the construction of your carpet and rug.

Another desirable benefit of regular carpet cleaning is its value is greatly increased. Buying a designer carpet nowadays may cause thousands of dollars and bringing it to the carpet cleaning company helps saves your investment. It also helps you save hundreds of bucks to have it repaired and restored.

The cleaning process involves a thorough inspection to match the cleaning solution and method for the construction of the carpet. It also undergoes dry soil removal to avoid soil from turning into mud when it gets wet. The most important process is the full immersion carpet cleaning which is highly recommended for best results. It can deeply clean the hidden surface of the carpet from its upper layer to its back layer.

A speed drying is also needed to avoid the carpet from being wet for a long time that may also cause damage to it. The cleaner will groom the carpet after it goes dry to ensure there is no shrinkage or degradation before you receive your item. The cleaner also makes sure that detergent used to clean the carpet does not leave a residue on its deep surface.
Therefore, carpet cleaning is far greater than just simple vacuuming. It is the most cost-effective way to add value to your investment and makes your carpet stay longer. Make your family and working environment stay safe with the thorough and applicable carpet cleaning.

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„This is a completely unsolicited testimonial for you. Your company has been an unusual delight to deal with. My carpet was picked up and delivered back to me on time and with polite, efficient and friendly service. I can't believe how my (cream) carpet looks after I dare not say how many years' non cleaning! It looks wonderful. I'm genuinely impressed with your company from start to finish and will highly recommend you.”

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„Thrilled with my cream new wool shaggy rug. As good as new after 5 years of soil. Service was delightful and extremely efficient with early collection and time off work needed!”

“Fantastic! Rug looks good as new" L. Dewar, Forest Hill, London

„I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my rug. You have cleaned it beautifully. Previous cleanings did nowhere near such a good job! Thank you for collecting it too.”
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